Toys that all toddlers should have

It is at the early ages that babies start to see the world and gain some perspective and learn new things, appreciate colours and shapes, enjoy toys etc. As a parent, you ease the learning pathway for your toddler and stimulate their learning capabilities. At the age of a toddler, the only way you can achieve this is through the toys that you get them. Here are a few ideas of the different toys that you can get your toddler to help stimulate their learning capabilities.

Building Blocks

Building blocks should be given to every toddler at some stage as it teaches the toddler valuable skills. The simple act of putting blocks together and fixing up shapes allows the child to learn how to orientate shapes. This skill is the most basic one that children are taught at the earliest stages of education in preschool. Children learn to appreciate shapes and begin to associate these shapes with other shapes and learn by themselves how to distinguish between them.

Number Games

Teaching your toddler numbers seems like a big step at that age but if you buy them toys that encourage their learning skills of the numbers, they will learn it on their own without the added effort. The best type of number games are the ones that give the child a reward at the end of solving simple puzzles, maybe it is a rewarding sound or a picture that pops up stimulating the children’s happiness. Children often enjoy sounds that entertain them so in the case of a rewarding game, they would most certainly use this as motivation to play. At the end of the day, the child will learn and enjoy themselves.

Colour Related Games

Colours are a good stimulator for children to bring out their creativity. Buying your toddler a simple toy or game that teaches the child to distinguish colours is a good step at helping the child enhance their creative ability. Games, where the child has to match colours to certain shapes vice versa, are a good approach to teach the children shapes and colours. When children begin to be able to identify colours they begin to see the various things in the world and they gain the ability to appreciate them.

In this era, it is very difficult to get even toddlers to focus and play games that teach them skills. They no longer enjoy simple toys but instead are allured by technology. Every toddler at this day and age know how to skillfully handle an iPad, iPhone and almost all other technology. They can easily spend hours of their day staring at the screen mindlessly watching videos and not learning any new skills. Skills are learned when there are engagement and a response to any stimulations but with the new technology, there is only one far interaction where the child simply gazes at the screen with no reaction to the content. As adults, it is best to try and limit the time your toddler spends on these devices or better yet not allow them to have any of these devices until later on. It is our responsibility to make sure the children learn valuable skills at the earliest age.

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