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Brisbane's Largest Fashion Maternity Wear Store - 1/124 South Pine Road, Brendale QLD 4500  |  Opening Hours

Maternity Revolution—Where Mothers Look Best

Expecting that little bundle of joy brings new emotions, priorities, and, most importantly, curves. While your body seems to be changing by the day, you can still stick to the latest fashion statements. With Maternity Revolution, you can look and feel your best while celebrating the most important transition in parenthood.

We set the trend and help show the amazing mother you can be. Our store offers items made from premium quality, including maternity dresses, bras, and other stylish apparel fit for expectant mothers. Made with stretch fabrics, our fabulous blouses and dresses can accentuate that growing bump, radiating that glow of motherhood. We offer a wide range of colours and designs for different seasons, keeping you updated with fashion trends. Not only do these look good, our handpicked products can provide maximum comfort throughout the months of your pregnancy.
As one of the largest suppliers of maternity wear in Brisbane, we go the extra mile when it comes to pregnancy care and needs. Maternity Revolution offers a collection of products that can help you throughout your pregnancy period and beyond:
  • Work wear 
  •  Casual clothing
  • Evening wear
  • Accessories
  • Tummy Bands
  • Maternity Books
  • Milk bands
  • Milk Screen
  • Maternity Support Belts
  • OI OI Baby Bags
  • Breastfeeding Apparel
  • Maternity swimsuits and board shorts
  • Maternity and Sleep Bras
  • Stockings and Support
  • Underwear
  • Baby Bags
  • Maternity support DVDs and CDs

Visit our store located at 1/124 South Pine Road, Brendale (on the north side of Brisbane). We are open from Monday to Sunday. We also have online services to help you locate and buy items from our directory. Please visit our contact page for directions, opening hours, and additional details about our store. 

Maternity Revolution

What's popular this season

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Bambooby Buddies Starter Pack

Bambooby Buddies Starter Pack

Re-usable and machine washable, these breast pads are made from all natural bamboo fleece and velour. Very soft and absorbent.

The Starter Pack contains 3 day pair and 2 night pair.

Each pad is made up as follows:

outer layer of bamboo velour which is soft against your breast
a layer of bamboo fleece (2 layers in the overnight pads for extra absorbency overnight)
a hidden layer of  polyurethane laminate which helps to keep you dry
a patterned or plain cotton layer to go against your bra

AUD $39.95

Topszy shown 3 ways

Topszy Multi Function Nursing Cover

An innovative new nursing cover that can be worn 12 ways. Use as a top, scarf, wrap or use it to cover your baby's pram. Also great as a baby blanket. Visit for a great demo video on how to wear it.

AUD $38.50

Precious Cargo Long Lined Floral Jacket

Precious Cargo Maternity Long Lined Floral Jacket with Belt

Fully lined tailored maternity jacket with belt. Fabric is textured. Lining is yellow.

AUD $24.95
AUD $109.95
AUD $85.00 (78%)

Precious Cargo Short Floral Textured Jacket

Precious Cargo Maternity Short Lined Textured Floral Jacket

Fully lined tailored 3/4 sleeve maternity jacket. Fabric is tectured. It does up at the front with a large button or you can wear it open.

AUD $19.95
AUD $109.95
AUD $90.00 (82%)

Plain Bodice Feeding Dress

Ninth Moon Maternity Plain Bodice Feeding Dress

A great new design from Ninth moon, this feeding dress has a lift up bodice for breastfeeding.Viscose Spandex fabric.

AUD $64.95
AUD $79.95
AUD $15.00 (19%)

Precious Cargo Tank in Brown

Precious Cargo Maternity Tank

A simple stretchy tank with a fun slogan made from top quality cotton elastine fabric. S=10, M=12, L=14, XL=16

AUD $14.95
AUD $59.95
AUD $45.00 (76%)

Yummy Mummy Tee in black

Yummy Mummy Maternity Tee

Top quality cotton elastine maternity t-shirt with a fun slogan. S=10, M=12, L=14, XL=16

AUD $19.95
AUD $59.95
AUD $40.00 (67%)

Goosebumps Olivia Top in Mint

Goosebumps Olivia Breastfeeding Top

A simple, lightweight top for Summer with a flap at the front that you lift to get access for breastfeeding. You would never know it was a feeding top. 95% viscose/5% spandex.

We can get XS and XXL if you need them. We just don't carry them in store so feel free to ask.

AUD $59.95

Nursing cami in ballet pink showing access

Szabo Maternity Recovery Nursing Cami

Finally a seamless nursing cami designed to support your post partem belly and hold everything in to give you a flatter looking tummy after giving birth. The bra has A Frame support and drop down clips for feeding. Pads in bra are removable. Straps are adjustable. Please note this garment cannot be worn during pregnancy.

AUD $29.95
AUD $58.95
AUD $29.00 (50%)

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