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Why You Should Consider Bamboo Fibre Cloth for Your Little One

Tina Turner

Bamboo fibre cloth is all the rage these days and for very good reasons. So many parents all over the world have now started using more and more of these sensational products for their children. The article below details the top reasons why this fabric is considered to be superior by so many parents and our favourite place to find them

It Dries Faster

Parents know the importance of having fabric that dries very fast for their little ones. Especially if you are planning to use the cloth as nappies, you will be washing it quite frequently. If the cloth doesn’t dry fast enough you will have a lot of problems with your laundry and that is a guarantee! Bamboo fibre cloth dries very fast so you will great ease as you do your laundry every week. This way you will be able to hand wash the clothes of your little one with ease, line dry and have fresh clothes to use the very next day!

It Is Softer Than Cotton

As a parent you should be concerned about the condition of your little one’s skin. Baby skin is very supple and soft. It doesn’t take a lot to irritate the skin of a newborn, so extra special care is always needed when handling a newborn. For many years people have considered using cotton when designing their little one’s garments. But now, more parents are using bamboo fibre cloth because it is wonderfully soft. The little ones will be able to enjoy superior comfort when garbed in these wonderful garments. A happy baby creates happy parents too!

Superior Absorbency

You need to ensure that the cloth that you use on your little one is super absorbent too. Towels and nappies especially have to have high absorbency in order to become effective in their uses. If the cloth that is used doesn’t absorb the moisture well, your baby will feel discomfort. Dampness can even aid bacteria build up in sensitive areas of your little one’s body. Consider using bamboo baby towels which help to dry your little one fast. You can even use bamboo nappies and give your baby superior comfort.

Super Strong

Bamboo cloth is quite strong. When the cloth has a mix of viscose the strength of the cloth intensified. Your newborn’s clothes will go through many rounds of washing and drying. You have to replace towels, clothes, nappies and other garments quite frequently because everything that you put on your little one has to be fresh and new all the time. So you have to pick a super strong fabric for the baby in order to ensure the longevity of the clothes. You will be saving quite a lot of money this way for sure as you will have to replace the clothes less often. You will be able to keep your little one’s clothes looking fresh and new for many long months this way.

Now you know the advantages of this super cloth! So the next time you go shopping for the baby, you know what exactly to look for!



Fashion Tips For Pregnant Mums

Tina Turner

Fashion during pregnancy seems like an awful lot of work, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be. You can look stylish and trendy yet comfortable in yourself during your pregnancy. Embrace that pregnancy glow and be a stylish mama!


Make Your Comfort A Priority

Pregnancy is a time of discomfort for many women so whilst styling yourself, you must remember to make your comfort a priority. Loose fitting clothes are your best friend; loose pants and baggy t-shirts are the comfiest to wear. Try to keep your home clothes to the most simple: throw on a loose fitting dress or a pair of baggy pants with a loose and comfortable t-shirt. Grab your puffy slippers on and you are ready to chill at home.

When on a casual meet up with your friends, you could throw on a pair of black loose-fitting pants with a solid coloured t-shirt and add on some accessories. Accessories can fix any look and instantly brighten you up. Dab on some makeup, just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t have some makeup on. Draw a beautiful liner and get some lipstick on, you don’t have to spend hours getting the perfect contour glow, you’ve already got that pregnancy glow.


Solid Colors Make You Look Chic

Try to keep those prints indoors and style those solid colours when going out. Black looks good with everything and looks good on everyone, such a versatile colour. Use it! You can wear black pants with white tops or black tops and coloured pants. You can also wear solid coloured dresses for the evening parties with accessories. Get an elegant looking handbag and rock your outfit.


Phases Of Wearing Heels

During the first few months of pregnancy, wearing heels is a breeze and it looks good with all your outfits. But as you get bigger and bigger wearing heels might seem a bit uncomfortable. However, you can trade those stilettos for a pair of block heels – not too high through – these will maintain that chic look and make you feel super comfy. Wedges are also a good alternative, get a shorter pair of wedges and use them with your outfits. If however, you feel uncomfortable wearing any type of heels at any time of your pregnancy, feel free to rock those flats. Trust me no one will judge you for trading those heels for a pair of flats.



The easiest form of fashion is the use of accessories. You can take any simple outfit and turn it into a chic-looking stylish outfit by simply using the right accessories. You can use simple accessories like a purse or a statement necklace for a casual outing and you can use a rich necklace with an elegant purse for a party.

Being pregnant does hold you back from pursuing many fashion trends but look at it this way, you can always start your own pregnancy trends using your own unique sense of style and no one will dare judge you. Not everyone will have that pregnancy glow, so embrace it and embrace your unique beauty during this beautiful journey.