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Best Skincare Routine for Pregnancy

Tina Turner

Your skin undergoes a lot of different phases throughout your pregnancy and taking care of your skin is very important, especially in keeping those stretch marks at bay. Your skin is affected by the changing hormones and the different changes to your oil levels etc., these drastic changes need to be taken into account when trying out a new skincare routine –yes, a new one, as your old trusted skincare routine that always worked for you is no longer reliable due to all the changes that have happened in your body. Here are a few skin care tips to keep that pregnancy glow and your skin shining.



Moisturising can be a real task during pregnancy, especially with the changing hormones and your skin feeling agitated at all times. The first step at changing your routine would be starting to change what you do in the morning. Take a warm shower and moisturise yourself thoroughly and this will leave your skin feeling light and soft. When applying moisturiser, use a pregnancy-safe product that doesn’t cause any skin irritation. It is best to visit a dermatologist and get the necessary product that is safe to be used.


Hydrate and Keep Hydrating More

Your body needs an extra supply of water during pregnancy to keep all the fluids flowing through. Drinking water may seem difficult given the fact that during the pregnancy you use the bathroom more frequently but this should not prevent you from drinking water. The more water you lose the more water you should drink to keep your body functioning and skin glowing. Start with a tall glass of water first thing in the morning and make that a habit. Take one tall glass of water before breakfast, before lunch and before dinner. Make those your main water drinking time and throughout the say have a bottle of water and keep sipping on it. To make the process much easier, add some lemon juice, the extra citric acid with the water is an added boost of Vitamin C.



Exfoliate your skin during pregnancy and even afterwards, this is something that opens up the pores and takes away the dead cells from your skin. You can use homemade natural products such as baking soda for exfoliating or use an exfoliating scrub but make sure to use pregnancy-safe products. It is always best to exfoliate first and then use a moisturiser.

During pregnancy, your skin is very sensitive and undergoes a lot of changes, such as stretch marks. To prevent this taking care of your skin is imperative. Use an anti-stretch mark cream right from the early stages to prevent the effects of stretch marks. If the stretch marks appear after the birth of the child, there are many skincare creams that help take care of these marks and prevent any side effects.

Remember that water is your best friend, it may not seem like it because of your uncontrollable need to use the bathroom constant mainly because the womb pushes on the kidneys. Overall, skin care is very important during and after pregnancy and taking care of it will leave you feeling happy and comfortable in your own skin.