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Maternity Clothing Range

Where else will you find such a wide range of maternity wear suitable for all body types? You can be just as fashionable with maternity wear as with your regular clothes. Dresses, pants, jeans, knit wear and evening wear shop for your baby bump and look great while you’re at it!

Nappy Bags

Some ladies prefer to grab a cheap no name nappy bag from one of the big chain stores but the fashion conscious mum likes to have a nappy bag that suits her style. The advantage of buying a fashionable OI OI or Oroki Baby Bag is that after you have finished using it as a baby bag you can still use it as a fashionable handbag. With a 2 year warranty you know that the bag won't fall apart on you either.
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Oroki Aponi Nappy Bag in green

Oroki Aponi Nappy Bag

The Aponi is functional, versatile and stylish. Made of soft PU leather, it is durable and easy to clean, both inside and out. 

Available in 3 colours, as a Nappy Bag, or a stylish handbag. 

The Aponi NAPPY BAG comes complete with matching accessories:
  • Change mat
  • Insulated Bottle Holder
  • Dummy pouch
  • Purse

AUD $125.00

Black patent carry all with accessories

Oi Oi Black Patent Carryall Nappy Bag

Faux patent nappy bag with 12 month warranty. Come with change mat, pvc wipes case. wet purse, insulated bottle holder and detachable shoulder strap. Features lots of handy pockets, protective metal feet and shiny nickel hardware. A few minor scratches and minor faults in patent leather.

AUD $147.00
AUD $185.00
AUD $38.00 (21%)

Oi Oi Rose Patent Leather Tote Nappy Bag

Oi Oi Rose Patent Leather Tote Nappy Bag

Fancy something bright! Want real patent leather? This rose pink patent leather nappy bag should do the trick. Detachable shoulder strap, change mat, wet purse, wipes case and insulated bottle holder. Colour look red in some photos but it is more of a pink colour. 12 month warranty.

AUD $165.00
AUD $330.00
AUD $165.00 (50%)

Oi Oi High Gloss Jacquard Hobo

Oi Oi High Gloss Jacquard Hobo Nappy Bag

The Oi Oi High Glass Jacquard Hobo Nappy Bag has large pocket detailing and comes with nappy change mat, wipes holder, wet purse and bottle holder.

AUD $99.00
AUD $185.00
AUD $86.00 (47%)

Oi Oi Oriental Hobo

Oi Oi Oriental Hobo Nappy Bag

The Oi Oi Oriental Hobo Nappy Bag is a pretty printed nylon bag with a water resistant finish. 

AUD $99.00
AUD $143.00
AUD $44.00 (31%)

OiOi Crushed Quilt Tote

OiOi Crushed Quilt Tote Nappy Bag

The Oi Oi Crushed Quilt Tote Nappy Bag is made from waterproof quilted microfibre.

AUD $165.00
AUD $179.00
AUD $14.00 (8%)

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