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Maternity Clothing Range

Where else will you find such a wide range of maternity wear suitable for all body types? You can be just as fashionable with maternity wear as with your regular clothes. Dresses, pants, jeans, knit wear and evening wear shop for your baby bump and look great while you’re at it!

Maternity Support and Compression Garments

All pregnant ladies know about back and pelvic pain during pregnancy but not all of them know that there are products designed to ease that pain. We have support belts, shorts, tubes and hoisery.

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SRC Pregnancy Shorts on model

SRC Pregnancy Shorts

SRC Pregnancy Shorts are designed for support during pregnancy.Helps manage pelvic instability and vulval variocosities.Facilitate pelvic muscle function.Improve mobility and function.Reduces pain and provides support. We do not carry much stock in store so please ring to check as we can quickly and easily order them in for you to try.

AUD $189.00

SRC Pregnacy Leggings

SRC Pregnancy Leggings

The SRC Pregnancy Leggings are designed to reduce pain and provide support.Stimulate pelvic muscle function.Graduate gentle compression.Helps manage pelvic instability and vulva varicosities.Improves mobility and function. We do not carry much stock in store so please ring to check as we can quickly and easily order them in for you to try.

AUD $198.00

Upsie Belly Close up

Upsie Belly Pregnancy Support Belt

The Upsie Belly Pregnancy  Support Belt is a fantastic product that offers relief for lower back pain and pelvic pain during pregnancy. It has a soft bamboo cover that makes it suitable to wear directly against the skin and there is a pocket in the back where you can insert the heat/cold pack that comes with it to help target back pain.

AUD $89.95
AUD $99.95
AUD $10.00 (11%)

New Beginnings Support Belt

New Beginnings Maternity Support Belt

The New Beginnings Pregnancy Support Belt is an elastic belt that secures with velcro. It does up firmly around the hips and under the belly. Best for pain related to the lower back and hip area, particularly displacement. Also suitable for use in early stages of pregnancy.

AUD $31.45

Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Tube in White

Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Tube

Designed to worn under clothes during pregnancy and give support to the belly and lower back. Musch the same as the support briefs but of course you need only one tube where you will need several pairs of briefs. However the only down side is that if you are up and down a lot, the tube may tend to roll up a bit which the briefs won't do.

AUD $19.95

Cantaloop Over Tummy Pregnancy Brief in white

Cantaloop Over Tummy Pregnancy Brief

The Cantaloop Maternity Over Tummy Support Briefs are a comfy option that offers gentle support to the belly and lower back while giving a smooth line under clothing.

AUD $21.95

Supporta Narrow Pregnancy Belt

Narrow Pregnancy Support Belt

The Narrow Pregnancy Support Belt is designed to help relieve pain to the lower back and support the lower abdomen.The belt is 15cm wide at back and only 7cm wide at front,so it does not apply direct pressure on the abdomen.

AUD $68.50

Therafirm Compression Maternity Pantyhose Full Shot

Therafirm Class1 Compression Maternity Panty Hose

The Therafirm Class 1 Compression Maternity Pantyhose are perfect for ladies with varicose veins and other circulatory problems during pregnancy. Sadly this product has been discontinued and replaced by a far more expensive product so we have decided to no longer stock the brand, hence the reason there are only odd sizes left. 

AUD $54.95

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