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Maternity Clothing Range

Where else will you find such a wide range of maternity wear suitable for all body types? You can be just as fashionable with maternity wear as with your regular clothes. Dresses, pants, jeans, knit wear and evening wear shop for your baby bump and look great while you’re at it!

Maternity Jackets

Maternity jackets of all kinds. Suit jackets, casual jackets and evening shrugs.

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Codi Wrap picture 1

Goosebumps Codi Feeding Wrap

As the cooler weather approaches, this is an invaluable piece for your breastfeeding wardrobe. A long sleeve jacket that has a long drape each side. Can be worn wrapped as a scarf or tied like a ballet jacket. Use to cover baby while feeding.

AUD $29.95
AUD $59.95
AUD $30.00 (51%)

Laila and Spot Bolero Jacket

Laila and Spot Waterfall Bolero

So many ladies love the idea of a fedding cami or dress with a built in bra but are self-conscious of flabby arms and want something to cover them. So Laila created the waterfall bolero. The added benefit is the fact that it doubles as a bresteeding cover. Simply drape it over baby while feeding for discretion.

AUD $30.00

Precious Cargo Long Lined Floral Jacket

Precious Cargo Maternity Long Lined Floral Jacket with Belt

Fully lined tailored maternity jacket with belt. Fabric is textured. Lining is yellow.

AUD $24.95
AUD $109.95
AUD $85.00 (78%)

Precious Cargo Grey Lined Long Maternity Jacket

Precious Cargo Maternity Long Lined Grey Jacket with Belt

Fully lined tailored maternity jacket with belt. Suiting Fabric.

AUD $24.95
AUD $109.95
AUD $85.00 (78%)

Precious Cargo Short Floral Textured Jacket

Precious Cargo Maternity Short Lined Textured Floral Jacket

Fully lined tailored 3/4 sleeve maternity jacket. Fabric is tectured. It does up at the front with a large button or you can wear it open.

AUD $19.95
AUD $109.95
AUD $90.00 (82%)

Ninth Moon Maternity Drape Cardigan

Ninth Moon Maternity Stripe Knit Drape Jacket

A long length knit jacket. Open style with drape hem.

AUD $59.95
AUD $85.95
AUD $26.00 (31%)

Egg Maternity Sequined Cape

Egg Maternity Sequined Cape

A lovely addition to add glamour to a simple dress or top.

AUD $39.95
AUD $108.95
AUD $69.00 (64%)

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