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Maternity Clothing Range

Where else will you find such a wide range of maternity wear suitable for all body types? You can be just as fashionable with maternity wear as with your regular clothes. Dresses, pants, jeans, knit wear and evening wear shop for your baby bump and look great while you’re at it!

Breastfeeding Accessories

All the extras you need for breastfeeding. Breast pads, nipple cream, etc.

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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Nursing Butter 30g

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Nursing Butter 30g

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Nursing Butter is easy to apply combination of pure Cocoa Butter and Pro Vitamin B5 in a soothing, emollient base. Helps relieve sore,cracked nipples.

AUD $9.95

Bambooby Buddies Day/Night Pack

Bambooby Buddies Day/Night Pack

Re-usable and machine washable, these breast pads are made from all natural bamboo fleece and velour. Very soft and absorbent.

The Day/Night Pack contains 1 day pair and 1 night pair.

AUD $15.95

Bambooby Buddies Starter Pack

Bambooby Buddies Starter Pack

Re-usable and machine washable, these breast pads are made from all natural bamboo fleece and velour. Very soft and absorbent.

The Starter Pack contains 3 day pair and 2 night pair.

Each pad is made up as follows:

outer layer of bamboo velour which is soft against your breast
a layer of bamboo fleece (2 layers in the overnight pads for extra absorbency overnight)
a hidden layer of  polyurethane laminate which helps to keep you dry
a patterned or plain cotton layer to go against your bra

AUD $39.95

Laila and Spot Bolero Jacket

Laila and Spot Waterfall Bolero

So many ladies love the idea of a fedding cami or dress with a built in bra but are self-conscious of flabby arms and want something to cover them. So Laila created the waterfall bolero. The added benefit is the fact that it doubles as a bresteeding cover. Simply drape it over baby while feeding for discretion.

AUD $30.00

Topszy shown 3 ways

Topszy Multi Function Nursing Cover

An innovative new nursing cover that can be worn 12 ways. Use as a top, scarf, wrap or use it to cover your baby's pram. Also great as a baby blanket. Visit for a great demo video on how to wear it.

AUD $38.50

Undercover Mama Descriptive diagram

Undercover Mama

A strapless camisole that hooks to your favourite nursing bra and turns any shirt into a nursing shirt.

AUD $33.00

Breastfeeding CD

Hypnosis For Breastfeeding CD

If you are wanting to breastfeed your baby this CD of affirmations and Hypnotic Relaxation will assist you in relaxing and making the breastfeeding experience as comfortable as possible. Created by Bree Taylor Molyneaux, a local Brisbane expert in the area of Hypnosis for Birthing, Breastfeeding, Fertility and more.

AUD $19.95

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