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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does postage cost?
The answer to this is on our About Us page.

Do you ship overseas?
Yes. Postage details are on our About Us page.

How long will my order take to arrive?
We post the same day if possible and we use Australia Post so in most cases you will receive the item within 2-3 days. For WA, SA, NT and TAS we recommend Express Post as it can take up to 2 weeks in some areas and even though you are outside the next day delivery area it should speed things up a bit.

What happens if I don’t like the item or need to change the size?
Should you wish to exchange sizes, contact us and we will check that we have the size available. We will then post this alternate size to you for you to try. We don’t charge postage for exchanges. Once you have decided to keep the new size we get you to post the other one back to us. Should you decide to return both sizes, then that’s fine too.

Should you wish to return an item for a refund then simply post it back to us with a note requesting this. As long as it is within 14 days of purchase and you have adhered to our refund policy on the ABOUT US page then we will process the refund and post out the receipt to you.

What size should I choose?
Maternity Wear is no different to normal clothing. If you are normally a size 12 then you should buy size 12. If it’s only your belly growing then maternity wear is designed to allow for this but some ladies experience a lot of growth in the bust area and others find they gain weight in certain areas like bottom and hips. Others retain a lot of fluid. In these cases you may have to go up a size from what you normally wear.

We cover more about sizing, and hints on choosing a bra, in our SIZING PAGE.

When should I buy a maternity bra?
We cover this subject in detail in our SIZING PAGE.

Why can’t I wear underwire bras?
The biggest problem with underwire is that as you get wider around your torso during pregnancy your bra gets firmer. As you bra gets firmer the underwire applies more pressure and this can damage the milk ducts and leave you prone to mastitis. Some maternity bra manufacturers are now introducing underwire styles but it is a special flexi wire designed especially for maternity.

When should I buy maternity wear?
I am passionate about this subject. Maternity wear is more comfortable and just as stylish as any other form of clothing. I wear lots of maternity wear and I’m not pregnant. As soon as you feel uncomfortable in your current wardrobe it’s a perfect time to buy maternity wear. It is designed to allow for a growing belly and will, in most cases, see you right through your pregnancy.

After giving birth you are unlikely to fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes for several months so your maternity wear will remain your best friend for a long time.
I will never understand ladies who put off buying maternity wear as long as possible. Some will even spend money on buying bigger sizes in normal clothing in an attempt to delay having to buy maternity. It just doesn’t make sense! You still have to buy maternity wear at some stage so you may as well buy it as soon as you can and get the wear out of it. It’s easier to justify spending a few hundred dollars on clothes that you will wear every day for the next year than it is to spend money on clothes you will only wear for 5-6 months. So start buying maternity at 3-4 months and get your monies worth.

Don’t forget, there may be other pregnancies so your maternity wardrobe is likely to get a real workout.

The quality of all our garments is so much better than anything you’ll buy in the major stores so it really is an investment.

Think of MATERNITY WEAR as ETERNITY WEAR. We hope to have you as a life long customer, not just during your pregnancy.

How big will I get?
If only I had a crystal ball to answer this question. I get asked it all the time. The answer is that there is no answer. I have seen some women at 40 weeks and they barely have a bump. I have seen others who have the definite pregnant waddle happening by 26 weeks. Some people have massive growth in the bust and others have none until their milk comes in. Some ladies put on weight everyone and some even lose weight.

To make things more complicated, you could fall pregnant 3 or 4 times and each pregnancy could be very different.
As a general rule, your belly will pop out a lot faster on a second pregnancy than a first pregnancy. You will also find your clothes tighter in the afternoon than they were in the morning.

How many packs of sanitary pads will I need and why shouldn’t I buy supermarket brands?
Everyone is different but usually 2-3 packets of maternity pads is sufficient. You will need about 12 a day (even if you have had a caesarian) but this heavy bleeding should ease off to a normal heavy period after the first few days. At this point you can use supermarket brand maternity pads if you wish but for hospital you must use a quality thick, long maternity pad like our New Beginnings brand. If you buy other brands don’t buy anything superslim and forget the idea of wings. You may be wearing 2 pads at a time and often you will have ice packs inserted into one of them. This is not an elegant look and wings will do nothing for you.

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